Lixo – Gloomer EP

I designed the identity around Lixo’s Gloomer EP. Alex, the arist behind Lixo, has a vast collection of doodles and drawings. I decided to edit and utilise various elements of his doodles to make up the body of the EP artwork.

cover1 web3

Every song on the album is represented by a video. Each video is made up of a collage of a few drawings. Each element/drawing on the video is animated in time to a particular sound in the song. So the video is a visualisation of the various elements that make up the song.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 22.56.57

Katie Ferry Ltd, the art direction duo I started with my wife, handled the branding of the project, including the build of the website. Considering how central the videos are in the presentation of the EP, the website functions simply as a full screen presentation of the videos, which you can skip from one to the next, as well as socials and contact details.