E Tautz are celebrating their 150th anniversary by putting on this photo exhibition/anonymous sale with all proceeds going to the charity Help Refugees. Photography has been a secret passion of mine, so I'm honoured to be part of this. All photos can be viewed on their online shop, link in bio (I've got my name on that Richard Ashcroft one tho, so leave off)      Started doing stuff for @fnatic this was for Katowice 2017  Some more heads. These were for @3ina really loved doing these  #waisttime  #happyChristmas everyone
 @thankftse    Another one for Christie's Interiors. Modern vs Postmodern  Fever  Unused Sean Paul stuff  My illustration of the new @designmuseum for @christiesinteriors magazine
     HKG CGK - photos by @katie.bagley - design by me Photos taken between Jan - Feb '17 in Hong Kong and Jakarta 16 page full colour 🥐 £3 including postage (UK only, sorry)  VERY LIMITED run - once it's gone it's gone etc ❗️ LINK IN BIO ❗️  Another one for @christiesinteriors thanks @b.a.m.stagram  #RunUp  Took forever doing this then burnt it while fastening/ironing it #diybotch #fml